Welcome! Here you can find lots of children’s activities: coloring pages, color-by-numbers, dot-to-dots, copy-the-pictures, mazes, find-the-twins (Also called Find the Matching Pairs), star polygons, word searches, and matching activities.


Children's Best 101 Horse Activities
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Children’s Best 101 Horse Activities

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For all the horse lovers out there! Here is a fun collection of 101 horse-themed activities, including dot-to-dots, find-the-twins, mazes, copy-the-pictures, color-by-numbers, matching activities, and coloring pages that vary in difficulty. The activities are suitable for various ages, from three years up to nine or ten years. Enjoy!

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All of the activities vary in difficulty. For example, while one dot-to-dot goes by ones and reaches 20, another counts by eights and reaches 330. In the coloring pages, some have only a few simple lines while others have a background and small, precise details. In the find-the-twins, some easy ones have large, easy-to-spot differences while the hard ones have smaller differences that are more challenging to find. Only the word searches (and star polygons) do not differ in complexity.

The activities do not only vary in difficulty, but also theme. I have animal, food, and toy coloring pages, as well as color-by-numbers. The dot-to-dots have animals, foods, and a variety of ‘other dot-to-dots’. The mazes vary the most – from STOP signs to apples to pelicans! The copy-the-pictures and color-by-numbers, however, only contain various animals.

Also, I have categorized my activities by subject, so you can find all my ocean animal activities on one page, and so on.

Star polygons are a completely different subject themselves, being extremely unique activities. In fact, they are greatly connected to math. When you join the vertices in a certain order (you should use a ruler for this), there’s a surprise!

All the activities are PDFs. You can download them after opening them.

However, if you don’t want to download the activities one by one, you can simply purchase the activities as inexpensive books. You can see them on my Books page.

You can also see my mascot, Starbot Man (see a picture of him at the right. You can find a picture of him on almost all the pages.) You can find a few activities of him, also in PDFs, and see his gallery.

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